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Generative Design

My main expertise is in Generative Design consultancy services. The process combined with the power of computation that can explore numerous possible permutations of a solution to complex design challenges helping clients to reduce the costs with unique solutions

Generative Algorithms in Design

Employing generative algorithms in the design practice will enable designers to generate and test novel concepts, beyond what a human alone could accomplish, to arrive at a most effective and optimized design solution

Parametric Dome

Form-Finding & Optimization

Pavilion Design

Form-finding is one of the most popular strategies implemented through propagation-based systems to optimize certain design goals against a set of design constraints, ensuring the best possible outcome. Using finite element analysis is one of the main methods to simulate and explore the most optimum and fittest design solutions to specific problems. 

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Fibrous Flow bench analysis
Fibrous Flow filament winding

After the introduction of CAD (Computer-aided design) technology, designers were able to produce more complex designs than before, which lead us to CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing). However, the complications of engineering, performance, and fabrication are increasingly challenging as more complex designs are possible.

With the application of generative design, designers are able to generate an informed design optimally corresponding to the fabrication, performance, and other important design requirements to avoid the complications, costs, and post engineering efforts.

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Javid Jooshesh

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