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Terms & Conditions


1. These general terms and conditions have been drawn up and they apply to the delivered services and products of Javid Jooshesh Interdisciplinary  Design Studio which is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and can be found under number: 74054090.

2. The client is the person who has requested the quotation online and has confirmed and signed the quotation.

3. The contractor is Javid Jooshesh who sent the quotation and sent the invoice to the client and delivers the order.

4. The files arrive via the email are stored in a secure database. If the order is approved, it is then processed, in terms of 3d printing service, the files are translated into g-code, but not shared with third parties. After delivery of the product or service, the file will be destroyed within 30 days. In case of no agreement, the file will be destroyed within 30 days.

5.The 3D Scanned projects will be stored in our database and will not be shared with third parties. 

6. The quotation is drawn up on the basis of the requested specifications that are submitted via e-mail or by telephone.

7. If you agree to the quotation, by e-mail, telephone or verbally, it can no longer be cancelled and/or changed.

8. Before we process and deliver the final order, the invoice must be paid in full amount. In case of 3D Printing, the job is then scheduled and a delivered on the agreed date 

9. Javid Jooshesh cannot be held responsible for failure to meet deadlines in the event of a malfunction, especially during 3D Printing service. We will do our utmost to deliver the order within the period of the agreement. 

10. Javid Jooshesh cannot be held responsible for submitting incorrect files. In cases of 3D Scanning and 3D Printing, the client must transfer the correct files to Javid Jooshesh. We will inform you about the start of every assignment, and any changes within the last 24 hours before starting with the assignment will not be processed. 

11. Javid Jooshesh cannot be held responsible for any damage the products may incur during the finishing of the prints.

12. The quality of the prints may differ from any photos sent by e-mail, telephone or in any other way.

13. The information that the client enters on the website is not sold to third parties.

14. Javid Jooshesh may obtain advice from third parties about the 3D printing of the uploaded file from the client.

15. We will always do our utmost to match the desired print quality of the client.

16. Javid Jooshesh is not responsible for any transport damage when sending or personally bringing the delivered products.

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