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Interdisciplinary Design Studio

Javid Jooshesh

to Bridge the Design Gaps for Manufacturing



3D Scanning

Professional 3D Scanning Service

Utilizing the structured light 3d scanning technology, we can capture accurate 3d data of any object ranging from 10cm, to 10m with the accuracy level of up to 30 Micrometers (0.3 mm). This method of 3d scanning is widely applied in various fields such as Art, Fashion Design,  Medical Science, Reverse Engineering, Palaeontology, Archeology, Heritage Preservation, and CGI Industry. 


The essential part of our work is alongside, museums, artists, designers, scientists and 3d modellers to deliver the scanned 3d data suitable to their requirements. Using structured light hand-held 3d scanner, we are able to deliver on-site 3d scanning services as well.

You will receive a free quote within 24 hours.

Generative Design

Script-Based Design

We are specialized in Generative design, the process combined with the power of computation that can explore a numerous possible permutations of a solution enabling designers to generate and test novel concepts, beyond what a human alone could accomplish, to arrive at a most effective and optimized design solution

Form-Finding &Optimization

Form-Finding & Topology Optimization

Form-finding is one of the most popular strategies implemented through propagation-based systems to optimize certain design goals against a set of design constraints, ensuring the best possible outcome. We use finite element analysis methods to simulate and explore the most optimum and fittest design solutions to specific problems. 

3D Modelling & Modification

3d Modelling service

Due to the extensive experience of working in different projects and the great passion for 3D world, We have developed the expertise in various 3d modelling techniques such as 3d sculpting, polygon modelling, NURBS surface modelling, and Parametric modelling. Using multiple platforms such as ZBrush, Maya, Rhinoceros, and Grasshopper3D we can deliver professional 3D services for you

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Reverse Engineering 

CAD Model Conversion

With the reverse engineering services, you will receive a CAD model compatible for Solidworks and Rhinoceros, from the 3d scanned data of your object. 

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Prototyping / 3D Printing 

Large Scale 3D Printing Specialist

'3D Printing Prototypes' is specialized in large scale 3D printing service. The large scale  industrial FDM 3D printers which can print up to 1.7 meters tall, are suitable to 3D print your prototypes, tools, moulds and statues in the quality you desire. 

You will receive a free quote within 24 hours.

3D Printing Prototypes, provides a wide range of print size possibilities and choices for quality (offering different layer height between 0.1 - 0.9 mm) and materials of  PLA, PET and PRO1 (replacement for ABS).

About Me

I am a designer specialized in advanced computational design and digital fabrication. My academic and practical works revolve around interdisciplinary design methods and prototype development implemented in built environments and product design. 

My studio is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; the city where it's fame is in the hustle and making things happen. My focus, and fascination lies in finding ways to provide affordable, yet industry standard and unique implementation of computer-based methodologies for data-driven design development, simulation, and manufacturing.


Addressing sustainability values in favor of novel designs serves my vision of producing designs that basically can do more with less. 


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Post address: Hooidrift 129B, 3023KL, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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