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Robotic Fabrication

Exploring the Potentials of Generative Algorithms to Produce Novel & Sustainable Designs, Additive Manufacturing to Deliver Zero-Waste and circular Design to Production, & 

Form-Finding Methods to Achieve the Maximum Performance with the Minimum Resources

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Taking advantage of the structured light technology's speed and precision to deliver 3d digitizing services. The high accuracy of this method makes it very popular in many applications such as quality control, archiving, prototyping, reverse engineering  etc.  

Expert in various 3d modelling techniques such as 3d sculpting, polygon, NURBS surface, and Parametric modelling. 

3D scannen
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Expert is Generative Design consultancy services. The process combined with the power of computation that can explore numerous possible solutions to complex design challenges helping  to reduce the costs with unique outcomes

3D Printen groot format

Specialized in delivering large scale 3D printing service in Rotterdam. The large scale industrial FDM 3D printers which can print up to 1.7 meters tall, are suitable to 3D print your prototypes, tools, moulds, and statues in the quality you desire. 


I am a designer specialized in advanced computational design and digital fabrication. My academic and practical works revolve around interdisciplinary design methods and prototype development implemented in built environments and product design. 

My studio is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; the city where it's famous motto is: Rotterdam, Make it happen!


My focus and fascination lie in finding ways to provide affordable, yet industry standard and unique implementation of computer-based methodologies for data-driven design development, simulation, and manufacturing.


Addressing sustainability values in favor of novel designs serves my vision of producing designs that basically can do more with less. 


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