3D Scanning

Taking advantage of the powerful Artec EVA structured light technology's speed and precision, we construct digital 3d models of the objects in the real world. The accuracy of this method makes it very popular in many applications such as quality control, archiving, prototyping, reverse engineering and etc.  


The structured light 3d scanning is among the most popular 3d scanning methods that are used widely in various fields. Thanks to the accuracy, speed and the level of details provided by this technology, professionals in many fields such as Art, Fashion Design,  Medical Science, Palaeontology, Archeology,  Heritage Preservation, and CGI Industry apply this method for digitizing their targets. 




The essential part of my work is alongside, museums, artists, designers, scientists, and 3d modelers to deliver the scanned 3d data suitable to their requirements. Using structured light hand-held 3d scanner, I am able to deliver on-site 3d scanning services as well.


Reverse Engineering 

With the reverse engineering services Rotterdam, you will receive a CAD model compatible with Solidworks and Rhinoceros, from the 3d scanned data of your object. 

You will receive a free quote within 24 hours.



Other examples of 3d scanning applications for science and entertainment. The Carbonite model based on the Star Wars movie reference is a custom made model for the 3d scanned the body. A self-portrait in the style of the old concrete statue 

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